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TrackingPoint to Sync Smart Rifle to Smart Glasses

LAS VEGAS — Smart rifle-maker TrackingPoint Inc. has teamed with Recon Instruments to sync imagery from its high-tech scope system directly into protective glasses, an official said. The Austin, Texas-based company showed off the...

Magpul Launches New Website

In addition to a new look, it also features the full line of new products for 2015. What do you think? www.magpul.com …read more Read more here:: Soldier Systems

SHOT Show – Applied Ballistics/Wilcox Ind RAPTAR-S

The Rapid Targeting and Ranging Module (RAPTAR) – Solver is a joint project between Applied Ballistics and Wilcox Industries. It is an improvement over the original model providing IR Laser, Visible Laser, IR Flood,...

New Plano Range Bags

Plano has been known for quality molded storage containers for a long time, but now they combined their storage containers with a convenient carry bag to make range days that much easier. The new...

VG6 Precision’s EPSILON 556: First Impressions

I love the muzzle brake. I love the way guns that have them shoot, but the overpressure, flash enhancement, and noise they generate make them tactically unsound and impolite. Enter the VG6 View More...

SHOT Show – FS Range Day – Tap Rack Holsters

Tap Rack Holsters doesn’t just make holsters. They’ll tackle any moldable carrying challenge. For instance, they make simple wallets for your credit cards. Check them out. www.taprackholsters.com …read more Read more here:: Soldier Systems

Photos of the Hodge Defense Systems AU-MOD 2

I got my first chance to shoot the Hodge Defense Systems AU-MOD 2 at FirstSpear’s Range Day. It’s very light and like my MOD 1 handles very well. Details available here. Here are a...

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