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Gatorz Cerekote Magnum Eyewear

On my first deployment to Afghanistan I worked with Navy EOD, and if you have seen any SEAL ever, you know they have a pair of Gatorz sunglasses. If you don’t know what they...

World’s First Action Camera for Divers

1.6.2017, Copenhagen, Denmark. The world’s first action camera for scuba divers is here. Danish start-up Paralenz has produced a game changer for the underwater action camera market. Designed by divers, developed by divers, built...

Day 12 Prize: Mother of All Giveaways

TIME FOR THE BIGGER PRIZES: 3rd Grand Prize is Bronze, obviously! The 3rd Grand Prize is a Limited Edition Light 5.56 Rifle from Grey Ghost Precision. This 16″ tackdriver is gorgeous, but so much...

Long Range Shooting: Ballistics Terms Part 1

So you want to learn how to shoot long range? The first thing you’ll need is to learn ballistics. Here is why: When you are aiming with your iron sights or with your scope’s...

SKELETON Optics Sale at Chase Tactical

Chase Tactical is offering their line of SKELETON Optics eyewear at 15%, today through 6/25. You can use code SKELETON15 at checkout to save. Visit ChaseTactical.com. …read more Read more here:: Jerking The Trigger

Walker’s Silencer Ear Buds Are Fitted For Silence

Walker’s Silencer Ear Buds have amplification and protection, compressing any noise over 85 decibels and amplifying natural hearing up to 5X. Walker’s: http://www.gsoutdoors.com/walkers …read more Read more here:: American Hand Gunner Magazine

4th Grand Prize Winner: M.O.A.G.

I think I can feel the collective sigh of disappointment from the rest of you! Well, not from Shawn Clopton of Llano, TX because he just won one of the sweetest Glock 19’s I’ve...

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