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Why Do You Need a Gun At Home?

We already know why you need a gun to go shopping, but what possible reason could there be for, gasp, having a gun in your home? Enter the Satanic, radical fundamentalist Muslim group most...

Ferguson All Over Again?

Are you ready for Ferguson v2.0? Well, you better be, because the media is doing their damndest to give it to you! Yesterday (9-18-14) in Savannah, Georgia, there was an officer involved shooting. The...

A Few EDC Gems from CountyComm

CountyComm Government Products Group has a ton of inexpensive, small EDC kit. Here are five items that I thought were worth a closer look: – The Handy Zipper Pouch by Maratac with Zombie Green...

X2 and X26P

Read more here:: Police Magazine – Weapons

Revisiting the “21-Foot Rule”

<img width="500" src="http://www.policemag.com/_Images/articles/M-WinningEdge-100.jpg" border="0" alt=" Photo: Martinelli & Associates “> Read more here:: Police Magazine – Weapons

First Look: Leupold Mark 6 Throw Lever

Leupold has introduced the Mark 6 Throw Lever for its Leupold Mark 6 riflescopes. The new Leupold Mark 6 Throw Lever clamps over the magnification adjustment ring on the Leupold Mark 6 family of...

Italian Gun Grease Copper Eliminator™

Italian Gun Grease (IGG), leaders in the field of firearms lubricants and cleaners, offer shooting enthusiasts an alternative to odor offensive and toxic cleaners with the IGG Copper Eliminator™. Copper Eliminator, part of the...

First Look: Winchester Deer Season XP Rifle Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition is continuing to develop cartridges tailored for specific hunting applications. In 2012, the company introduced its Razorback XT for hog hunters, and it released Long Beard XR for taking down turkeys at...

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