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The Diamondback Arms FS Nine

‘Everyman’s’ Tactical Handgun You can take the boys out of the second grade but you’ll never take the second grade out of the boys. Back in the Stone Age when I wore a uniform,...

UW Gear Experimental Mag Pouch

We rarely get a glimpse behind the curtain but the guys at UW Gear are constantly experimenting with new ideas. They recently built a few pouches using the WTFix backing from Whiskey Two-Four and...

TARGETVISION’S New Automatic Target Changer

TARGETVISION has a new range accessory for all you wealthy shooters out there. The Portable Remote Target Changer is an aluminum, battery powered, wireless target changing system with AR500 armor plating. With the push...

RE Factor Tactical Down Under

I have good news for our brothers in Australia. There is a hot fresh load of RE Factor Tactical goodies coming your way via PLATATAC. …read more Read more here:: Jerking The Trigger

Understanding +P Ammunition

Why some guns can handle the pressure of +P ammunition and others cannot. The post Understanding +P Ammunition appeared first on Gun Digest. …read more Read more here:: Gun Digest


Does Maryland Target CCW Permit Holders? By SOF Supporters of the Second Amendment are raising questions about Maryland’s practices, as a number of cases have raised concerns that out-of-state CCW holders are being profiled....

Custom Call Sign Patches from Perroz Designs

There are a few places that can make you good quality call sign patches with various combinations of letters and numbers. If you want something a bit more custom and intricate, your options are...

Handgun Review: Diamondback FS Nine Full-Size

The Florida company goes big with its Diamondback FS Nine striker-fired semi-auto offering. The post Handgun Review: Diamondback FS Nine Full-Size appeared first on Gun Digest. …read more Read more here:: Gun Digest

Rock River Arms LAR-15 Fall Special CAR A4

Specially configured and available for a limited time. Limited quantities IN STOCK NOW and available for shipment. This rifle is loading with features, including a NEW 6-position NSP stock, Rock River’s Delta Quad CAR-Length...

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