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Introducing Nightforce NX8

United States’ Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is at it again. They’re waving around their cash letting the industry know they’re in the market for a Squad Variable Power Scope (SVPS). Up until now the...


SilencerCo has been on the Nice List since they first started in 2008. Thanks to their squeaky clean record, they were able to pull some strings and get an interview with the big man...

Tips For Stretching The Range Of Your Handgun

We train with our handguns for personal protection at close range. The history of violent incidents tells the story that these are most often arm’s length to across-the-street events. With little to no warning...

Arbor Arms Assaulter Plate Carrier

The Assaulter Plate Carrier comes with Arbor Arms’ proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic. This elastic allows for very fine adjustments not only for size but body shape providing for a dynamic, comfortable, ergonomic fit. The...

How To Take Apart And Clean Your New Suppressor

Should you take apart your suppressor to clean it? The answer is yes/always for some and no/never for others. Knowing the answer for your suppressor can save you time, money and aggravation. The post...

A Tour Through The Hornady Plant

Steve Hornady explains how it’s done at Hornady Manufacturing and Neal Emery walks us through an inspection process. View More Quick Hit Videos Here …read more Read more here:: American Hand Gunner Magazine

One On One With Steve Hornady

Designed for competition, concealed carry or duty, SAR USA’s new 9mm striker-fire pistol combines all the features experts demand. View More Quick Hit Videos Here …read more Read more here:: American Hand Gunner Magazine

MAS Grey Christmas Promo

lbtinc.com/gcmas *While Supplies Last **Price applicable to current inventory only ***When the Add-To-Cart button disappears the item is no longer available …read more Read more here:: Soldier Systems

Kembativz Brand Active Incident Workshop

On December 2, 2017, I attended the first ever Kembativz Brand (https://www.kembativz.com/) Active Incident Workshop at their facility in Fredericksburg, Va. Kembativz Brand is owned and operated by Kelly McCann former Marine Corps Special...

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