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Rock River Arms Adds LAR-22 Rifle Line

The new Rock River Arms LAR-22 gives another option to those seeking an AR-15 chambered in .22LR. With the decreased cost of ammunition, a shooter has the ability to work on fundamentals more often...

Crusader Gear BX-15 Magazine Pouches

Ruger’s BX-15 magazines for the 10/22 are a great size to carry and manipulate but there are relatively few pouches available for them. Fortunately, Crusader Gear is now offering a single magazine pouch specifically...

IWA 19 – Emerson TCU Style Vintage Jacket

Vintage styling is currently in but I was surprised to see that Emerson, long known for milsim copies of high end clothing, would have something like this M1942 Paratrooper Jacket. They also plan on...

IWA 19 – Petzl Evac System

During Enforce Tac we saw the new Evac System from Petzl. Based on the Exo Escape System used by the German fire service, Evac was created for use by diplomats who might need to...

IWA 19 – Fällräven Hunt

Fällräven has a wool Commando Sweater coming as part of their Hunt line of clothing. www.fjallraven.us …read more Read more here:: Soldier Systems

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