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Sneak Peek – A7 “ATLAS” Modular Eyepro System

The all new A7 Defense & Aerospace “ATLAS” modular eye protection system has just completed FAT testing and will be released soon. The Atlas system features: • A7’s proprietary “Ghost Shield” photochromic technology with...

Shots Fired! ATI .410 Omni AR Shotgun

We’ve seen shotguns based on the AK system, and shotguns that look like ARs, but American Tactical has released something revolutionary. The Omni .410 is a shotgun upper that mates to any standard AR...

AR-15 Bi-Pod Techniques

Richard Nance and Doug “Dog” Prichard demonstrate ways to effectively use a bi-pod when shooting AR’s. The post AR-15 Bi-Pod Techniques appeared first on Handguns. …read more Read more here:: Handguns Magazine

Running Guns in Kabul

The Arms Trade Fueling the “Never-Ending Conflict” The stereotype of perpetual warfare in Afghanistan has plagued the country since December of 1979, when the Soviet 40th Army came pouring across the Amu Daryua. This...

Guns & Gear: Taurus 856

James Tarr reviews the Taurus 856 revolver. The post Guns & Gear: Taurus 856 appeared first on Handguns. …read more Read more here:: Handguns Magazine

The Quintessential 22 Pistol: The Colt Woodsman

As another historic John M. Browning design, the first successful rimfire semi-auto pistol would later become the Woodsman. The post The Quintessential 22 Pistol: The Colt Woodsman appeared first on Gun Digest. …read more...

Saint AR-15 Pistol In .300 BLK

Springfield Armory’s new Saint AR-15 pistol harnesses the power of the .300 BLK round for more capability and versatility in a compact platform. View More Quick Hit Videos Here …read more Read more here::...

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

The current rage in tactical gear at my unit is the battle belt. The current generation of the battle belt has a padded inner belt; the exterior of which is covered in soft sided...

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