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Happy 243rd Birthday US Navy!

You’ve had a rich history on the seas, on land, in the air and even in space. Thanks for keeping America safe! To learn more about the US Navy’s history, visit www.navy.mil. …read more...

Top 5 Blades for Law Enforcement

Regardless of your profession, a blade can come in handy. As a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), I’d say it should be a requirement. I can use my blade for day-to-day tasks, saving a life,...

Fitness Falacies

Three Exercise and Health Myths That Need to Die …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

2nd Amendment Right and Why You Should Utilize It

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering carrying a gun daily. If you’re on the fence about carrying a gun because you never have before this article will serve to educate you on the...

Rucking Practical Exercise, Dodge the Rain Drops

Against my better judgment today, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go rucking despite having an injured calf/ankle. Last weekend I was shooting a high school football game for one of...

Carbon Tactics EPOCH Belt Now On Kickstarter

EPOCH is the 11th Kickstarter edition to the Carbon Tactics line. This belt with a unique quick release buckle is the result of almost a year of prototyping, testing, and listening to feedback from...

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