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Going Hot: Christina Michelle

MODEL Christina Michelle @adorabellachristina PHOTOGRAPHER Jorge Nuñez @jorgehnunez HAIR & MAKEUP Liza Macawili-Ramos @lizamakeup RIFLE Brownells @brownellsinc BRN-10A …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

RECOIL Issue #40

What is the world coming to? A girl on the cover of RECOIL? Why yes, and a damn fine shooter she is, too. In this issue, RECOIL staffer Candice Horner takes the lead because...

Modernized Barlow from Bastion

Bastion’s newest knife is a throwback… way, way back. The worked with YouTube knife channel Cutlery Lover to design a modernized Barlow style knife. This is not your grandfather’s Barlow. It features a manual...

The Nomad 9 Has Arrived

It’s kind of like a story from a children’s book. The story of Goldilocks and the Nomad 9 The Nomad 9, a Glock 19 Gen4 compatible frame, has been created to make everything “just...

Sitka – Vapor SD Jacket

The Vapor SD Jacket by Sitka is made from WL Gore’s SHAKEDRY fabric. It’s great as an ultralightweight shell for foul weather running. It can also be carried as a “just-in-case” rain shell with...

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