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RECOIL Issue #36

With the announcement that his administration was moving to ban bump stocks following the recent school shooting in Florida, the Trump White House has crossed into all-too-familiar territory. Following a frenetic and seemingly orchestrated...

USSOCOM Adopts 6.5 CM

Last Spring, USSOCOM undertook a study of 6.5 family cartridges to determine a path forward for Precision Intermediate Caliber Ammunition. Over the last year, USASOC, the primary driver of this initiative, narrowed it down...

Evolution of the Combat Optic

Here’s the Skinny on Where U.S. Special Forces Are Headed With Their Choices for Carbine Glass …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

Watch: AC-130 Spectre | The Ranger God in the sky

When I was a member of 2/75 Ranger, we trained with several forms of close air support. A-10’s, AH-64 Apache’s and MH-60 DAP’s. But one particular airframe rained supreme. The AC-130 Spectre Gunship or...

Unusual Suspects: Exotic Knives

In an age when we might own a safe full of Austrian handguns, see our baseball heroes driving Italian supercars, and order Bolivian takeout on our Chinese-made smartphones, the mystique of foreign-made products isn’t...

New Products — Issue 36

Zermatt Arms, the maker of custom Remington 700 compatible actions, just released a streamlined version of its popular Bighorn action called the Origin. The new action has many, if not most, of the features...

Going Hot: Dinah DeRosa

Check Out Our Western Pinup-Inspired Going Hot …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

Help From Above

Law Enforcement Aviation Units Are More Versatile and Capable Than Ever …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

Fitness Q&A

What Does the Research Say? …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

The Terminal List

RECOIL Contributor Keith Wood Teams Up With Ex-SEAL Jack Carr to Create a Nail-Biting Thriller …read more Read more here:: Recoil Web Magazine

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