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To Roll ’Em Or Not: The Economics of Reloading

Over just the last dozen years, ammunition prices have been as wild as a bucking bronco. They’ve ranged from dirt cheap (pre-Obama era) to paying a-dollar-a-shot for military surplus rifle rounds after Sandy Hook....

Netherlands Fractal Pattern In Action

The Dutch Army recently shared photos of Soldiers deployed to Mazar-e-Sharif on Resolute Support Mission. “The men from the Delta platoon, consisting of soldiers of 42 bataljon Limburgse Jagers, recently ran a social patrol...

Handgun Hunting: 10 Best Hunting Revolver Options (2019)

You don’t want to choose the wrong tool for your next handgun hunting adventure, and you won’t with these top-notch hunting revolver options. The post Handgun Hunting: 10 Best Hunting Revolver Options (2019) appeared...

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