Category: Tactical

MPAR556 Pistol with SB15

We think Masterpiece Arms is providing a superb setup for an entry level pistol along with their side charging handle and side folding stock with the SB15 in full effect. The price point is...

Streamlight Survivor LED Light: Quick Look

The newly redesigned Streamlight Survivor LED light was originally crafted with firefighters and emergency medical personnel in mind, but it excels when used in many other professions and applications, too. The Survivor View More...


Maxpedition has one last sale for the new year! Discontinued gear is being sold for 30% off!! read more …read more Read more here:: Soldier of Fortune – Magazine


Gun-Grabbers Celebrate UN Treaty By SOF As the Arms Trade Treaty went into effect on Christmas Eve, gun-grabbers celebrated that milestone. read more …read more Read more here:: Soldier of Fortune – Magazine

Complete Coverage Concealable Vest IIIA Light Weight

This bulletproof vest offers complete concealable coverage, fully protecting the front, back and side of the torso. The ballistic panels come together at the torso, wrapping around the side of the vest. The side...

G-Code Blood Stripe Series

The G-Code Blood Stripe Series is an extremely limited offering that combines Black FUZZ coating over Blood Red Kydex. According to G-Code, it creates a distinctive red stripe, intended to give recognition to the...

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