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FPSRussia Breaks Character

Ever wonder what Kyle the YouTube star who plays FPSRussia sounds like in real life? Well he recently did a Q&A video for his viewers out of character. …read more Read more here:: Armory...

Daily News: Police Need Military-Grade Gear

<img width="500" src="http://www.policemag.com/_Images/news/M-SWAT-team-approaches-building-at-Fort-Hood-2009-11-05-1.JPG" border="0" alt=" Photo: Wikipedia “> Photo: Wikipedia “>An op ed piece by Brian Smith appearing today in the New York Daily News opines the need for police departments to have military-grade...

Feds Want to Review Military Equipment for Police

<img width="500" src="http://www.policemag.com/_Images/news/M-IMG-0141-Edit.jpg" border="0" alt=" Photo: Mark W. Clark “> Photo: Mark W. Clark “>Jolted by images of protesters clashing with heavily armed police officers in Missouri, President Obama has ordered a comprehensive review...

The new K&M M17S Bullpup Rifle

I don’t know how it happened, but in the last couple of years I’ve become a fan of the bullpup rifle concept. Sure, I’ve always liked my AUG’s, of which I’ve owned 3, and...

AK Rifle Flow Chart

Pretty cool flow chart of the AK-47 and AK-74, found over at GunMartBlog. …read more Read more here:: Armory Blog

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