Author: DFNS

First Look: Lancer Systems L7AWM .308 Magazines (UPDATED)

UPDATE 9/4/14: Lancer Systems, manufacturer of popular AR rifles and accessories, announced a new magazine for 7.62x51mm (.308 Win) rifles back in January 2014, with an expected availability date of late 2014. Those magazines...

G&A Basics: How to Mount AR Optics

Modular rifle platforms like the AR-15 make it a breeze to quickly attach optics and accessories. It’s generally easy to mount a rifle scope or red dot sight to an AR-15, but knowing the...

African Summit to Focus on Terrorist Threat

http://www.voanews.com Mohammed Yusuf September 02, 2014 1:22 PM NAIROBI, KENYA— African leaders are meeting in Nairobi Tuesday to discuss how to tackle terrorism and extremism across the continent. The summit, the first on this...

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