Author: DFNS

Blac-Rac’s 2nd Idaho Annual Invitational Wrap-Up

Take a break and enjoy watching our new video from Blac-Rac’s 2nd Idaho Annual Invitational. We’re just a group of likeminded companies and individuals who get together each year to talk shop, hunt, fish,...

AR-15: The Ultimate Survival Gun?

Power, speed, accuracy, capacity, ease of use, versatility and reliability all go into making an ideal survival gun, and the AR-15 has these assets in spades. The post AR-15: The Ultimate Survival Gun? appeared...

Incoming Issue 39, New Products

This article originally appeared in RECOIL Issue 39 The job dictates the tool. Applying some stucco? Grab a trowel. Installing a new turbocharger? Time to bust out the wrenches. But sometimes it’s enjoyable to...

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