SIG Sauer P320 Review in 2019

The SIG SAUER P320 is the military’s new sidekick, but it still has many debates surrounding it.
For many marines, the new sidearm was a disappointing welcome. While for many other shooters the polymer framed handgun is all the rage.
Nevertheless, is the weapon as bad as many want you to believe? To find out read the SIG Sauer P320 review—and decide for yourself if it is a below the average firearm or not.
SIG Sauer P320 Specifications at a Glance
The P320 is a striker-fired version of the Sig Sauer P250 with single and double action modular design. The latter has the same barrel, grip, and magazine.
You can purchase it in a 9mm or .40 S&W version, and Sig has recently already released the .356 Sig platforms as well. The construction of the frame makes the P320 a highly customizable gun.
Inside the grip module made of polymer, it has a stainless steel chassis frame. On the right side of the grip, you find a window with the serial number.
Both the compact and full-size grips you can get in small, medium, to large versions. Therefore, you can exchange the chassis out between the different models available.
Further, it is one of the best defense pistols, and you can quickly shoot out to 50-yards with it. Alternatively, it is accurate enough for competitions as the large trigger blades curved deep.
On the other hand, the high-bore axis makes it feel like a ray gun and the polymer construction stays warm against the skin in cold weather. The trigger is a striker-fired model, and the weight of 29.5 ounces (depending on the model you use) is decent. The barrel length is 4.7 inches while the compact version has a 3.9-inch barrel.
The overall length is 8-inches. Furthermore, it has a width …read more

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