CRKT Foresight Review

The CRKT Foresight™ has been a very impressive knife and welcomed addition to our every day carry.

Famed knife maker Ken Onion designed the impressive Foresight folding knife for Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT). The Foresight assumes a rather muted appearance in contrasting shades of black, but makes a bold introduction with its striking curves, impressive features, and high quality craftsmanship and materials. Optional razor or half-serrated blade edges give users the most popular choices to appease preference, and the amazingly smooth action of the Foresight will absolutely amaze you.

The CRKT Foresight™ is an impressive everyday carry (EDC) knife, form-fitted to maximize the grip of the user. The addition of CRKT’s highly touted IKBS™ ball-bearing pivoting system ensures each opening is super smooth with a definitive lockout of the blade. Ken Onion was the youngest knife maker in history to be added to the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame back in 2008, and he has a long list of amazing knives under his belt. The Foresight may just rise above the rest as one of his best creations, and a knife offering strong challenges for any competitor.

The CRKT Foresight has been a very nice addition to our knife collection.

CRKT Foresight™

The CRKT Foresight is a beefy everyday carry (EDC) folding knife with several impressive features. Perhaps the first feature to grab the user’s eye is the ergonomically designed handle. The Foresight handle is curved on its back to more accurately fit the user’s hands during use. In addition, our experience with the Foresight has found this curvature to provide one of the …read more

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