Fact Or Fiction?

When I was a cop I used to carry a couple of $100 bills in my wallet when I had range duty. When the various detective units would qualify, some of the dicks simply couldn’t hit anything with their various 2″ snubbies and would rant and rave about how those guns were “pieces of garbage!” I’d sometimes sidle up next to them — sighing in commiseration at their frustration. Their 7-yard targets often looked like 50-yard buckshot targets. “Yup, (sigh, harrumph) those damn things sure can’t shoot,” I’d say, looking with disgust at their snubbie. “Hey, I know, use my 4″ Model 19 (handing them my holster gun) and have a go at it again. Oh, if you don’t want that piece of crap snubbie, I’ll give you a hunnert bucks for it right now (flashing the $100 in my hand).” I had pretty good luck sometimes, and scored some cool old guns. If I had a guy who really wanted to learn, though, I’d show them what was needed to hit well and could usually get them up to speed. “Hey, these work pretty good after all!” they’d say. Yup.

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