A Closet Case For Concealed Carry


By Tank Hoover

As a young cop, it didn’t take long for my rose-colored glasses to fade. With each call I answered, I got a personal, close-up view of the real world. Being exposed to the violence, conflict and miscreants of our society, I learned you could never trust anyone you came into contact with.

Even though you greeted everyone with a smile and treated them with respect — you eyed everyone suspiciously until you cleared your call. You had to, to survive. You just never knew what could cause someone to snap. Nor did you know what type of weapon they might have concealed.

I was cleaning out my den closet recently when I was reminded just how true this last statement is. In a far corner I have a box which containing an excellent array of weapons I’ve taken off of suspects, victims and complainants over the years. Some are obviously deadly weapons, while others, just as deadly, look rather benign, at least to the uneducated eye.

Some of these weapons are so big, you figured it would take a magician with the skill of Houdini himself to conceal, or worse yet, make appear “out of thin air.” I’m reminded of a young man I arrested who was armed with a 24″ bayonet, in scabbard, concealed down his pant leg. The ultimate pig sticker, I’ll never forget pulling that seemingly endless piece of steel from his waist. It just kept coming and coming.

Here is just a small sampling of weapons Tank took from “your average citizen” while coming
into contact with them. You better believe people carry this kind of stuff everyday — everywhere.


Edged weapons of all sorts are well represented in my collection. Antique butcher knives, cheap, plastic-handled serrated steak knives, screwdrivers, knuckle knives, they’re all …read more

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