You would think that by now, these matters would be settled. But what happens is that people do not read much these days and easily forget what they once read. And various bloggers and gun magazines need something to get people’s attention so they rehash things over and over until they have simply no interest to anyone (the old 9mm vs. 45 argument comes to mind). The latest involves the red dot discussion and a popular new age gun magazine. As history verifies, we have been doing red dots now for nearly a decade. We have learned many things and refuted many myths. But in case some missed our work, here are a few points:

1). Red Dots have Been Around Forever: Well, yes and no. When this is mentioned they refer to the concept of the red dot used in competition, not in carry weapons. Sure guy like Jarret and others competed successfully with red dots in the Jurassic Age of the 1990s, but when they drove home from the match, that winning pistol was in a gun case and not in a holster.

As far as I can tell, we were the first to mount the specific red dot between the sights with the intent of carrying that pistol in a holster for the purpose of shooting bad guys. And that is a very wide gulf between using a game-centric sporting pistol that lives in a gun case.

2). Red Dots Break: Anything man-made can break. I said that in a class at Front Sight in 1996. In my nearly three decades of instruction I have seen semi auto pistols malfunction, seen their front sights break off, seen extractors and firing pins break (specially …read more

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