Troy Industries Tomahawk Stock

This week, Matt Owen takes a look at Troy Industries Tomahawk SBR Stock. This was thea beauty that Matt paired with his Oakley Chamber Range Bag.

For those stamped-shooters among us, a compact build is often a high priority. Whether you’re wanting to outfit your SVT Raptor with a tactical truck gun or you’re wanting something your old lady thinks is ‘cute’ enough to shoot, size matters; however, addressing that issue isn’t always easy. Assuming you’re going the SBR route, your options have increased considerably in the last few years, but determining which one is right for you can be tricky. As usual, Troy Industries threw their hat in the ring, this time with their Tomahawk stock.

The Tomahawk is a pretty nifty piece of equipment, combining the benefits of a PDW-style retractable stock with the ability to keep your existing BCG, something many of these compacts require you to replace with their product. (Note: the Standard will allow this; the Short variant requires a proprietary BCG). It has multiple positions, and at maximum extension still reduces the overall length (as compared to a standard M4 stock) by two inches. This is made possible by their buffer design that fits into the back of your BCG, instead of sitting against it, allowing the same weight/resistance without a compromise on length. It’s also set up with QD sling mount on the inside of the buttstock, allowing you to wear it like the Sicario badass you are.

A couple complaints I have with mine are that adjusting the stock length requires either two hands or one very flexible and muscular hand. You have to press one of the …read more

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