Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer

Last time you heard from Adam, he was giving his Pros and Cons about reloading, this week, Adam takes us on his search for a better way to dry brass, and he thinks he has found a great solution!

If you’re familiar with reloading ammo, you’re already familiar with cleaning dirty brass, and preparing spent brass cases for new primer, powder, and projectiles. For those of you who are not unfamiliar with brass prep, there are two common practices for cleaning brass cases. One is using a dry vibratory tumbler typically with crushed walnut shell media. The other is a wet tumbler with plastic pellets or steel pins, along with a cleaning agent. Both practices have their pros and cons, which will be discussed more in depth in a future article. Today I’ll be focusing on drying brass after wet tumbling.

A question that comes up with wet tumbling is “how do I dry my brass quickly?” Quick is the key word here, as drying brass can be done over a few days with natural evaporation. As in, let the brass dry out on a towel on a work bench or out in the yard on a screened frame over a day or two. That’s fine and well if you’re wet tumbling with no significant time restraints.

One quick method of drying brass posted to numerous online forums was to use your kitchen oven or toaster oven. A normal baking sheet can hold a few hundred .223 rifle brass or near one thousand 9mm pistol brass. Set that oven to 200ºF for an hour and you’re golden, right? Well, that is if you don’t mind any chemicals, carbon, or nasty fumes possibly left over on now cleaned brass, in the oven that you cook food in. It’s also rather expensive running the …read more

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