A Year with the Maxpedition Riftcore

The Riftcore has been on the market for roughly two years now. It debuted with their AGR line. Standing for Advanced Gear Research the AGR line was a departure from the brutal bomb proof 1000 Denier Cordura bags they built their company on. The pros of 1000D Cordura is that is nearly indestructible. The downside is that it is heavy and, in a pinch, can double as light duty sandpaper. The AGR line is billed as a smarter design. Still utilizing 1000D where high durability is needed it substituted the lighter yet still strong 500D hex weave in most places. Gone also is the 1000D heavily stitched PALS webbing. It is replaced by a Nylon-TPU composite in an ATLAS configuration. Also replacing the traditional adjustment strap fabric is a new seatbelt like material. The intention being a bag that is as durable if not more so for real world use while being lighter and more comfortable to live with. Sounds great but when you are being asked to pay north of $200 for a relatively small backpack you want to make sure the fancy new materials and design lives up to the billing. I will attempt to answer that in this article.

As the name of the article suggests I’ve used the Riftcore daily for now over a year. Now I am no operator dragging this bag around the world from one covert mission to the next. I am an IT professional and shooting enthusiast that takes self-defense and personal protection seriously. The day I purchased it the bag became my daily use bag. It has carried my laptop, headphones, various cables required to do my job, sunglasses, flashlight, first aid kit, Glock 19 and two spare mags with me to work every day. It is on me or in …read more

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