Torrent Suppressors

To say the firearms industry has seen a steady increase with suppressor sales in the last decade would be a huge understatement. In what has always been a niche’ market, suppressors have begun to gain a wider acceptance in the sporting / hunting world helping educate buyers and lawmakers in what suppressors can realistically do and what they can’t, regardless of what Hollywood movies would have you believe. (Besides, they’re just cool to shoot with, right?) During this time, industry heavyweights have ruled manufacturing and sales. Thanks to these recent increased sales and technology, smaller companies have been able to come onto the scene and offer more innovative thinking, breaking from the “old guard” ways of designing suppressors. One company making big waves early is Torrent Suppressors in Texas.

As a former SWAT operator, now firearms instructor and magazine writer heading up the Swanson Media Group, I have been privy to a wide range of suppressor designs from some of the largest names in the industry for almost 20 years in which I use on a weekly basis with reviews and professional training. When industry “mover and shaker”, Clover Lawson called my office and said, “Hey Trampas, I got a new suppressor company I want you to review,” I couldn’t say no to her. As Clover was explaining their growing pains as a start-up company, she went into depth as to what the designers have come up with for their suppressors. I was very impressed with what I heard, as I tend to be with all the major projects Clover has delivered in the past. I couldn’t wait to have a review sample sent for testing. A few short weeks later, I received a call from my local FFL holder, Henry Mimms with Second Amendment Guns and Range in Yulee, …read more

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