Q Series Batons by SOG 

Over recent years, the market has been flooded with a wide range of “multi-tools”. This is due to an increased demand in “all-in-one” products for the growing public with the trend to streamline their lifestyles and yes, even their tools. A general rule of survival, even in the “urban jungle”, is to carry items that serve at least three functions or it is just perceived as added bulk to your daily carry. Products range from bottle openers to lasers but all similar in shape and size. Truth be told, the multiple purpose tool platform has rarely changed from its Swiss Army knife roots starting in 1891. Over the years, various manufacturers have only added bulk and reduced user friendliness in the process. Earlier this year, SOG Tools debuted their take on the multi-purpose tool in the form of what they titled the “Q” series at the industry only SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new series of tools takes the platform in a new and different direction by simplifying and slimming down the traditional form by putting it into a small baton. While only the pre-production models were on display at the show, I arranged to get a sample of the first two batons in the four-part series once they were released.

A few months later after a pair of push backs on the actual production release, the SOG Q1 and Q2 batons arrived at the Swanson Media Group office for review. Each baton comes in a clear plastic box similar to a new cell phone accessory with only the baton and a one page instruction guide. Each baton was roughly shaped like a medium size highlighter in a very attractive black and matte grey anodized finish. Both offered a SOG branded metal clip …read more

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