Review: High Threat EVOlution


I’ve mentioned High Threat Concealment holsters in my column before. The company is most well-known for developing an integrated belt/holster/ pouch Low Profile System where the Kydex pieces interlock on an easily removable outer belt. The outer belt with its attached pouches secures to the inner belt threaded through your belt loops with the use of Velcro.

While a bunch of gear stretching from hipbone to hipbone designed to carry pistol and AR magazines, radio, first aid kit, holster, handcuffs and/or whatever else you think you might need might be a bit overkill for most Handguns readers, HTC has now come out with a convertible inside-the-waistband/outside-thewaistband holster designed to appeal to everyone— the HTC EVO.

A little background first. The founders of HTC were working as contractors in Afghanistan about a decade ago when the U.S. government announced that the Taliban was no longer a threat. Instead of wearing tactical vests and carrying M4s, contractors had to go low profile and wear casual attire — which meant they could carry only what would fit under a blazer.

Unfortunately, no one told the Taliban it was no longer a threat. As a result, the contractors began doing everything they could to stuff more and more gear under their blazers.

However, the more HTC’s founders experimented with the holsters/pouches/belts on the market, the more dissatisfied they were. They bought some Kydex and an oven to form their own holsters and mag pouches and went to work. At first they just made equipment for themselves and their teammates, but then everyone they worked with started asking them where they got their gear and could they make some for them. And soon High Threat Concealment was born.

Its new EVO holster in military speak is “user configurable,” which means that by deciding which attachment hardware to mount on the …read more

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