Review: DoubleStar PhD


DoubleStar is located in Winchester, Kentucky, and while you might not recognize the name, you may have heard of J&T Distributing, which has been selling AR-15 parts and accessories for more than 25 years—including many the company designed and manufactured itself. Soon just making parts wasn’t enough, and the firm began offering complete ARs and 1911s through its spinoff company, DoubleStar Corp.

The PHD is DoubleStar’s first complete 1911. PHD is a clever moniker for a pistol, and in this case the letters stand for Personal Home Defense. It is meant to provide defense shooters everything they need and nothing they don’t. The question, of course, is whether the company succeeded.

DoubleStar makes only .45 ACPs, and the PHD is a full-size, five-inch, all-steel pistol. It has a businesslike manganese phosphate Parkerized finish, and the first thing you’ll COMnotice is the slide. The rear of it features three wide, flat, aggressive serrations, and the front of the slide has a reduced Browning Hi Power-style cut in which the slide is narrowed forward of the frame. The narrowing on the PHD is minimal, and I would prefer forward slide serrations or a deeper Browning cut so it can more easily be used to work the slide from the front. “PHD” is engraved in big letters on the right side of the slide.

DoubleStarPHDsightsThe slide has been flat-topped, and there are three attractive serrations running down the top of the slide. Fore and aft of them are XS Express sights—a big white outline tritium dot in the round-topped front sight teamed with a shallow V-notch rear sight featuring a vertical white line.

These sights are popular with a lot of folks, and the “lollipop” sight picture is quick to use at indoor distances. However, I’ve never been a fan of this design …read more

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