Review: CZ Urban Grey


The hot new products for firearms of all types are suppressors. Not only are they fun, but also they protect your hearing and make your gun club or shooting range less of a point of contention with its neighbors. However, besides the cost and paperwork details, there are two other things you have to consider when you want to mount a suppressor on a pistol: You need a threaded barrel, and you need higher sights.

The extended, threaded barrel is best when the threads are a tight fit to the suppressor mount and are concentric to the bore axis. For quite a while, this meant sourcing an extended barrel, then finding a gunsmith who could fit it, thread it and get it back to you. The sights? No one made suppressor-specific sights, so your gunsmith had to make them custom for your pistol. Adding a suppressor could (and did) get expensive.

Well, CZ-USA has come to the rescue. And the company has done it in style, with an array of models to pick from. Called the Urban Grey line, they comprise five of CZ’s exemplary pistols, classic and current, and they come suppressor-ready right out of the box. They are the CZ 75B, P-01, CZ 75 SP-01, P-07 and P-09.

Each has an extended match barrel threaded for a suppressor, complete with a thread protector installed. You won’t always be using a suppressor, and when you aren’t, having a thread protector is just smart. CZ went above and beyond on the thread protector. Not only do the protector and the barrel each have a solid bearing shoulder for them to properly tighten, but also the front face of the protector is notched so you can tighten it with a screwdriver. When it is installed, it also acts as a crown protector.

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