Hoffman Blacksmithing: Camp Axe

Trampas Swanson takes a look at Hoffman Blacksmithing’s Camp Axe in this month’s review.

Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, lies the small town of Newland, home to a young man who has devoted his life to keeping the art of blacksmithing alive. What sets this young blacksmith apart from those many others helping to do the same in shops around the country is, Liam Hoffman just may be the next true blade master of our time. From the age of 13, Liam taught himself to move steel through heat and hammer. By the time he reached the age of 19, his skills were strong enough to catch the eye of those in charge of the popular TV show on the History Channel called, “Forged in Fire”. This show weekly features top blade makers from all walks of life picked to compete in building knives under time and pre-determined specifications in hopes of winning a check for $10,000. In 2016, Liam competed on one of the show’s highest rated episodes and took home the grand prize after beating out 3 other skilled competitors to become the show’s youngest winner ever!

As a huge fan of “Forged in Fire” as well as a native North Carolinian prior to our move to FL just a few years ago, I decided to reach out to the Hoffman Blacksmithing shop after a great conversation with one of the show’s judges, Doug Marcaida. I won’t get into all the details of my private discussion with Doug, but basically it recognized Liam’s talents seem to be well exceeding his journeyman title as a blacksmith and more along the lines of top names in the industry. The only difference being, most of those top names have taken over 30 years to get to where they …read more

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