Two Rivers Knife Co: Bushcraft Blade

When the average person thinks about what a “survival” knife would look like, one conjures up images of large “Rambo” style blades with saw backs and gimmicky storage compartments or even grappling hooks. Seriously, grappling hooks! Unless you’re Adam West or Burt Ward as Batman and Robin scurrying up a wall, let’s go ahead and take this option off the table before we start. The point is, these are mostly images from what people see in movies dreamed up by Hollywood prop masters to capture an audience’s attention. These style blades are put into mass production because fan boys buy them as fast as they can be made with no intention other than to wave them around online in hopes of gaining some sort of odd “credibility” for owning one.

For those who have ever truly hiked miles carrying gear, you will know ounces become pounds quickly. Likewise, for anyone who has done time in the woods camping or bushcrafting, you realize a smaller knife is far more useful in everyday chores than a large bowie. Real outdoorsmen know the value of a good quality, small blade.

As a huge proponent of seeking out local talent around my home in Jacksonville, Florida, I discovered Two Rivers Knife Co, founded by an avid outdoorsman, John Galeani earlier this year. Over the following few weeks, I had the pleasure of getting to know John and find out more about the custom knives he makes. It didn’t take long to see John was clearly cut from the same cloth as those men I trust to know what’s really needed for survival in the wild. Whether its building blades and listening to the feedback from the diehard end users or making his way through mountain trails on vacation in western North Carolina bushcrafting, John …read more

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