Akai’s Dakota Meyer Special Edition 1911

Courtesy of Akai Custom Guns

Akai Custom Guns, a Florida custom shop that specialized in competition firearms, recently released a pistol created in partnership with Marine MoH recipient Cpl. Dakota Meyer. With his input, they manufactured the Dakota Meyer Special Edition 1911 in .45ACP.

The .45-caliber 1911 is accurate enough to shoot in competition and rugged enough for self-defense or concealed carry said Shay Akai, the company’s owner.

“It was important that it was nontraditional, more aggressive, more modern,” Akai said. “Dakota had some very specific requests. It had to be the kind of gun you would be proud to carry in the sandbox.”

The M1911 is an American icon, in service since before World War I and carried by troops until the introduction of the 9mm Beretta M9 in the 1980s. It has a storied history, and many have an old-school look about them with wooden grip panels.Meyer, who was awarded the nation’s top valor award for heroism during a 2009 battle in Afghanistan, was consulted on the design. He told Akai he wanted something that belonged on the modern battlefield.

The end product was a no-nonsense-looking pistol that — unlike its predecessors — looks more akin to modern M16 and M4 carbines. Traditional 1911s are a better …read more

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