First I want to discuss the uses and necessities of this. As I type, I have a Glock 17 TSD Pistol in my belt. It has a threaded barrel, and an RMR (RM06)…but no weaponlight. Why not…don’t ALL weapons need lights?

No, they do not. Let me restate that. Not all weapons need light, and specially not all pistols.

Ostensibly, the purpose for a weapon mounted light…or in this discussion, a pistol mounted light, is to identify the nature of a potential threat/target obscured by darkness. In other words, to give you more information than that which you are currently operating on.

A clear and present threat does not need to be identified any further. If you live alone and a large figure in moving down the darkened hallway telling you in an unfamiliar voice that he is going to kill you, you do not need to identify him before emptying your high capacity magazine into his face.

If in twilight, on a city street, a couple of bad guys “prison strut” over to you, with a “Yo motherf*cker!” while reaching for weapons behind their backs, you do not need to identify them any further either. Get my point?

The use of light …read more

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