Personal Combat Equipment part II (Chest rigs & Body armor)

In part one of this series we discussed some of the basic principles of load carriage as well as the use of belt based systems. In this part we will continue the discussion by focusing on chest rigs, and body armor based systems. The basic principles from part one still very much apply and we will revisit some of them as we proceed.

Chest rigs

Very few things are truly new or innovative, most are in fact improvements on concepts that have been used in the past. The chest rig is certainly no exception. Going back all the way to the First World War we can find examples of chest rigs being used to carry grenades and stripper clips, fast forward to the Second World War were American “pathfinders” often wore rigger modified chest mounted pouches for their Thompson sub machineguns, and we can look at the Chinese, Soviets, and Rhodesians with their penchants for chest rigs; needless to say it’s pretty clear that the concept has merit.

Let’s start with a couple of general principles that I have found when it comes to chest rigs:

Slim- Keep the overall rig as slim as possible, too much bulk makes getting into the prone …read more

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