New from Tru-Spec: More MultiCam Black


For the first time since November, Tru-Spec is releasing all-new items in MultiCam Black. Last year, Tru-Spec introduced its quarter-zip combat shirt, TRU uniform pants and contractors cap in the never-before-seen pattern. Now the brand’s entire Xtreme line is available in the pattern.

MultiCam is the popular camouflage pattern developed by New York-based design powerhouse Crye Precision. MultiCam Black is one of the newest variants of this consistently exceptional design.

A favorite of law enforcement officers, MultiCam Black works best during nighttime operations. Its dark OD green and black pattern absorbs the night for maximum concealment. This particular blend of colors also means neither green nor black tactical vests look out of place with this uniform.

Perhaps it’s biggest advantage is it’s just plain mean looking. It has been called “intimidation camo” because it allows the wearer to project a sleek, strong image. This is incredibly helpful for tactical professionals who need to operate with an air of dominance.

Now you can get the TRU Xtreme Uniform pants, shirt, combat shirt and vest in MultiCam Black. Each item is built to resemble the battle-tested Army Combat Uniform design. Made from a 50% nylon / 50% cotton ripstop material, the …read more

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