Registration = Confiscation

Anti-gunners will tell you that they don’t really want to confiscate your firearms. The only way their gun control measures gain any traction is if they tell people “we only want reasonable restrictions” all the while claiming they actually support the 2nd Amendment. Even gun-grabber extraordinaire, President Obama, claims to support your 2nd Amendment rights.

However, gun-grabbers always seem to eventually trip over their own lies.

…and yet people still fall for their schtick.

In 1986 the Federal Government passed the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) which prohibited the government from keeping a registry of gun owners, however the Feds and many states routinely ignore this law and keep records of both gun owners and the firearms they own. As an example, the feds keep records of multiple handgun sales and those that conduct them. What constitutes a multiple gun sale, you may ask? Just buy two handguns within a few days of each other and you’ll find yourself on this list as well as information about the guns you purchased.

Maryland is one of those states that keeps a registry.

There’s a new bill pending in Maryland that mirrors one recently passed in …read more

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