Mike Mers no longer with AAC


Mike Mers is no longer in the employ of Advanced Armament Corporation as of Thursday, July 10. Details are very, very thin (Updated; see below) at this point and rumors are flying about the circumstances surrounding his departure, but at the moment the only sure thing is that he is no longer a full-time employee of the Georgia-based, Alabama-bound silencer and arms manufacturer.

“I’m not sure exactly what happened,” said one source inside AAC, “but I know Mike is no longer with the company.”

Two other sources inside AAC, both of them familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak on behalf of the company, confirmed the news. Mers was reached through an intermediary, but declined to talk about the situation.

“As a matter of policy,” said Remington Outdoor Company spokesperson Teddy Novin, “we don’t comment on personnel matters.”

Mers was hired in 2009 and has worked in various roles including law enforcement and military sales and as the company’s sales manager.

Update 7/12/2014: Mers made the following update on Facebook at approximately 2pm today, “I’m pleased to announce that I have transitioned into a new strategic consulting position at AAC. With the Company’s upcoming move to Huntsville, this decision makes the …read more

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